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Interview with Tilleke Schwarz

Embroidery on linen

q)How did you learn to stitch?

a)My mother taught me.

q)Is all your embroidery done by hand?
q)What material do you use?
a)I stitch on a good quality of linen and use all kind of threads.
I do not use a hoop or a frame.

Mixed techniques on paper

q)What kind of thread do you use?

a)All kind as long as the quality is good.
q)Do you use a mixture of materials along with your threads?
a)Yes, I use tiny bits of other materials. The main thing is embroidery.
q)What technique do you use?
a)I use mainly cross stitch and couching.
q)How do you get the linen in the color of your choice?
a)I dye the white linen.
q)How long does it take to make embroidery?
a)Too long, usually half a year or more. I never count the hours.
q)How do you create your designs?
Do you plan them out on paper first?
a)I never plan ahead and just start to stitch a a piece of linen.
I choose designs from anything I come across and adjust the colours and composition during the process of stitching.
q)Why don’t you use a machine to speed up your stitching?
a)I do not like machines. Besides I believe the slow process of hand stitching leads to a different result.
q)Would you consider designing an image on a computer program and letting a digital sewing machine stitch it out for you?
a)Maybe, I will in the future.
q)Where do you find your inspiration?
a)Everywhere! I collect anything (images or text) that intrigues, moves or amazes me and use it in my work. I love folk art (especially Dutch samplers), Pop art and contemporary art (after 1980). I am also influenced by my parents and the way I was brought up.
q)Have you ever ignored your intuition during your creative process, and if so what was the result?
a)No idea
q)Is the sense of touch (of textiles) is important to you whilst working?
a)I am not sure if the sense of touch is important as textile is not my only medium. I use a lot of different things in different works. I guess first of all I love the looks of textiles.
q)How do you call your work?
a)Embroidery! Or Art! It all depends if you want to refer to the technique or to the function.

Embroidery on linen

q)What would you consider your personal ambition in life to be?

a)I do not have a specific ambition. Like most people I would like to stay happy and healthy etc.

q)You state that you do not feel the need to theorize about your work.

a)You understood me right

q)I understand you do not claim any particular themes in your work and your work can be understood as a reaction to the world around you. Do you see your way of working as more intuitive than logical and with a link to the subconscious?

a)My work is indeed more intuitive than logical. I use scraps of information (texts and images) that I come across. That can inspire me through meaning or the mere sound of it or as a metaphor or what ever. I like this information to be combined in different ways and that is how I see it as a reflection of the world around me.

q)What artists do you admire?

a)There are too many to mention.

q)Do you work free lance or for a company?

a)The art I do is free lance. I sometimes teach workshops, give lectures etc. I would like to do commissions. I used to work for the Dutch government as a policymaker. But now I am free and receiving a pension.

Mixed techniques on paper
q)Where can I buy your work?

a)As you may know a part of my work is for sale and a part is not. I treasure the idea that not everything in life is for sale. For inquiries contact me, because my opinion on selling might change (like the weather). Generally I do appreciate when people enjoy my work so much that they would want to pay money for it. The problem is that those people also want to have that particular work in exchange for their money.
From April 2007 you can buy a book about my work.
For buying work in mixed media on paper, please contact:
q)your contacts...


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