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ZÜRICH 03.10. – 19.10.2008
Illustrative e.V. T 49 30 48 49 19 29,,, Gormannstr. 23, 10119 Berlin - Germany 1
The Young Illustrators Award
can’t wait to be hold by the most
ambitious hands
In 2008, the „Illustrative“, the worldwide biggest art
exhibition, exclusively dealing with illustration, proclaims,
in collaboration with Swatch, a competition
for young artists.
They are given the opportunity to enrich the genre
with their illustrations, graphic works and animations
and to call attention with their art. The art
pieces, which are awarded with a prize, will also be
exhibited at Illustrative 08 within an own section.
Illustrative 08
The Illustrative is the leading European platform for
contemporary illustration and graphics. With art
works exceeding 400 pieces and more than 60 artists,
the exhibition shows an inspiring concentration
of current graphical art. Every year the Illustrative
takes place at another creative hot spot in Europe. For
two weeks, illustration is celebrated, young talents
are spotted, opinions exchanged, new technologies
gazed at and long forgotten styles revive.
The focus of the Illustrative comprises, in addition to
conferences, a movie program and parties, an exclusive
exhibition and an overview on the work of 25
international known illustrators; not only do they
show the quality and fantasy of recent graphics but
also how visual effects coming from graphic design,
illustration, book art, comic, concept art or animation
branch out into the field of art. The section of exhibition
which is showing the laureates of the Young
Illustration Award reveals the most imminent tendencies
of the genre and is a thrilling seismograph
for new development in the field.
Young Illustrators Award
In the sphere of the art festival „Illustrative“, which is
going to take place in Switzerland, the organizers
proclaim, in collaboration with Swatch, a competition
again this year, which addresses young illustrators.
Young talents between 20 and 40 years are invited,
to register and post their works in the field of graphics,
illustration, animation, book art and audiovisual
Required are up to 8 freelance works, showing an
“illustrative character”, which means: being in the
broadest sense graphical or drawn. This includes
freelance drawings, digital works, printgraphic, animation,
book objects or graphical installations. Analog
as well as digital works can be handed in.
Artistic quality and originality are essential for the
jury’s assessment. The international jury is represented
by publishers or well known artists.
ZÜRICH 03.10. – 19.10.2008
Illustrative e.V. T 49 30 48 49 19 29,,, Gormannstr. 23, 10119 Berlin - Germany 2
The presentation of the Young Illustrators Award,
which is endowed with a prize, will take place at the
„Illustrative 08“ in October, where the works of the
20 nominated young artists are going to be exhibited.
Pascal Johanssen
Illustrative e.V.
Gormannstr. 23
10119 Berlin
Tel./ Fax: +49 (0) 30 – 48 49 19 29
Illustrative Paris in December 2007
Registration/ Information for Application / Code of
Participation Fee:
30€ per submission
July 31st, 2008
For further information visit:

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