mercoledì 10 giugno 2015


q) Walk us through an intimate Day In your life.

a)Many years ago I prepared my work exhibition in Berlin
in my studio in Kreuzberg. 
Workshop is in the attic of an old house in a very difficult neighborhood, 
which then was forgotten and today is the center of bohemian artists. 
I paint pictures there for more than 30 years that stand in all angles,
 like in  Tutenchamon’s  tomb. 
Sometimes I did show my work there. 
I prepared a modest catalog-brochure, despite modest means.
 I sent an invitation, it was a lot of information, 
even popular with Berlin's gay newspaper deigned to mark the vernissage. 
The wine was free. Images of eccentric flapping penises on the walls.
 It was summer and it was wonderful warmth.
 Winter is there otherwise, I have no furnace and is freezing cold 
and I have to paint at fur wearing the gloves.
At the vernissage no one came. 
I sat all night and looked at the increasingly doing got dark in my studio.  
Abominable situation.
 I was there until morning, so sitting down.
 I not very much wanted me to come back. 
As  here in the morning someone not closed the door opens and loads in 
and looks at me. 
You this artist ?, he asked and lit the flame lighter. 
I saw the divine young man, dressed in some 
sexy dark uniform and a balaclava, around curled in his hand rope, 
round brush on long strings, almost like my brush.
 A strange face almost sooty ashes. 
At the feet of the great boots.
He looked at me jauntily, looked at the paintings on the walls,
 stripped naked, approached me with his penis standing,
 as in my drawings on the walls. 
And he said that is the one to whom I had been waiting all night,
 chimney sweep from the roof of my studio. 
It was a wild sex until dawn, chimney sweep chimneys 
completely forgotten about. Pictures fell off the walls, 
empty wine bottles spilled and he relished the artist to the bottom. 
Unforgettable hours biggest intimacy. 
It was established a series of sketches on paper stained by
 a chimney sweep my sketchbooks, drawn black fingers 
of his overworked body and spots sperm lover. 
Under the title: "fertilized slattern". 
Crazy survival. To this day I'm freezing for no decent heating. 
But what we do not do for art !!!!

q)Where did you grow up/where do you live now and 
how does that contribute to your art?

a)I was born in Warsaw, 
the Polish capital during the 
day socialism in my country. 
I spent my childhood 
surrounded by big city.
 There was always a lot of people, 
always drove 
there any noisy trams and without interruption 
something was happening. 
It was not Communism 
in my country, the people there are 
great individualists. 
Unfortunately, they give a great manipulate, 
especially by pseudo-religious parole. 
There were always ceremonial churches in 
my neighborhood, the smell of incense from 
the altars and frequent masses, 
and I too was an altar boy. 
These ceremonies were the 
only colored survival 
from the time of adolescence, 
chcociaz it in the shade rather blas 
black robes.
 Later I came into the world, 
for me it was too tight. 
I needed horizons and settled in West Berlin. 
It was this world free of taboos, 
absolutely at ease, 
I came across an unusual period 
in art at the time the New Wild, 
expressive and seductive 
power reigned in Berlin.
 This specific spirit of the times, rebellious, 
self-proclaimed, eliminating lock thinking.
 I really enjoyed the youth in this city. 
He sketched nightlife in clubs gay, 
trans-sexual friends of the discos, the guys 
from the station for money, underworld of Berlin.
 An unusual early period. Left to today, 
this feeling of 
liberation. I know that this is not everywhere 
and for everyone, with a lot of people suffer
from the absence of such 
Today I know that I grew up in my art if I'm 
to manifest itself today as a sign of tolerance.

q) What is your earliest memory that propelled you to create?

a)I remember the first moment when
 I saw the block for sketching for children, not even 
here it was about the only colored pencils on the paper . 
He excited me in its own way , some sort of vast might 
want to touch of it with my fingers, hands. 
I remember that I thought that are leaves from trees ,
 or the petals of large flowers, the same rough touch. 
To this day, when I was working on a paper I have chills , 
as I touched the living entity. 
And the feeling of the paper is the value of value. 
In the end, the paper notes are also monetary , 
but also and toilet paper.

q) Tell us a little about your creative process.
a)I often do not know what I'm doing . 
It just suddenly comes such a thrill , 
as narcotic addiction , or as the aura of 
sexual desire, just when I picked up a pencil or brush. 
This process 
is like masturbation with crayons . 
Similar to drain semen and ejaculate . 
On paper , on canvas , on a pallet. Such a creation 
of my work is unconscious sexual act . 
Several people stated that I myself consciously 
invents and draws orgy scene drawn my lovers. 
Certainly yes. 
I am constantly watching and then 
recall in the situation 
of , which excited me , 
it can be a flash of an eye, 
unzipped fly passer-by , the bells in the 
cathedral crucifix , his lips a strong 
black man from Africa in the subway , 
which are similar to lizards, 
from generation consumed by the family. 
I 'm probably like everybody a medium , 
a magician , receiver or transmitter.
 This process 
of creativity is always there. 
This is just my interior .
q) How do you wish for your art to be perceived?

a)My imagination is showing a document of time, 
perhaps even a beacon to the target, otherwise 
known as liberation and human emancipation thinking, 
especially in the context of gay love and sexuality.
he wants to reach Preferring to the broad masses that 
do not know what it is able and willing to love otherwise, 
and who can not understand the topic through
massive propaganda, many capricious and 
hypocritical politicians, not allowing changes in the world. 
It's not even change just opening up to new sentiments.
 I want my paintings were icons of freedom,
 the new arrays without commandments but positive description of the life of man. 
Of course, this document is still often the way of the Passion,
 because too many heroes of my paintings still suffer because 
of who they are, in the face of environmental intolerance, 
ridicule and drastic destruction of killing.
 Let's look at the world, to Africa, 
to the ultra-Orthodox Russia. Unacceptable. 
Let my art announce changes! That what I want!
q) What do your internal dialogues sound like?
a)I am always the person who looking for harmony 
with the environment, with each other.
 I love to 
internal communications. For my it is
 a sound pick-visual, and that I see is the sound. 
Therefore, internal dialogue means
 to my listening 
to the silence. This is great wealth, 
hear yourself and  
do not give handled  trifles from the outside.
 My interior
 is a big, bright color sound.  
And my art is a showcase 
of my soul.
q) Do you feel that there are limitations to what 
you want to create?
a)Art has its own great trait that there are no limits, 
restrictions or barriers, on the contrary, art is 
already the key to all doors.
 And for my of course too. 
I do not have any resistance in my art, 
which I creates. 
This is an important historical document, 
and shows naked truth and fighting 
for emancipation, 
there are no limits on anything. 
The gates are open.
q) Do you feel art is vital to survival and if so, why?

a)Only art is the form of survival at all.  
Even when he is brutally crushed by
 the despotic fanatics , because the arts are
 flourishing world and still rushes forward, it is unforgettable . 
There is always someone about it will be once spoke . 
Besides, such is the life , art is everywhere and
 everyone is art . I recently passed through 
the forest and I found on a forest road 
intricately woven by birds nest,
 which lost the wind from the trees. 
It was ingeniously woven , 
at the bottom of the fabulous mosses and 
increasingly upwards not have any noticeable to us forest grass . 
It is so vital and unchanging , it is precisely the art, 
an absolute fantastic building schemes and ornaments , 
and the manifestation of sly survival and did not give up . 
Art will always be a building block for everyone and 
a great comfort and reassurance for everyone.

q) Describe a world without art.
a)A world without art does not exist . 
It is art that this world is art .
 But even this 
multi-dimensional stream of other worlds about 
which we know very well and only sometimes 
feel and watch , this is the world of art. 
We enter the picture just in the soil and then 
consider whether to go out on the other side , 
or return the same way . I will not go back .

q) Tell us a secret and obsession.
a)I do not have secrets . 
Maybe this is already my obsession .
 Very possible ,
 however, that is exactly the opposite. 
But I get obsessive addiction.
 These are some
 cities of the world , which notoriously I need to go . 
I love this place so much that inhabits them spiritually .
 I am inspired by the multiplicity,
 these sophisticated forms , each time different, unique. 
I love to admire the naked body. 
They are like theater, 
and I'm just in the audience .

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