venerdì 16 maggio 2008

Claudio Parentela&For&Stampa Alternativa

...hola&HELLO&Ciao.... collaboration with Stampa Alternativa continues...I've created for them 5 wonderful(...&yes...they're really wonderful...!!!!)&big panels(inspired by 5 their books)...They've been shown in Turin at the''Fiera Del Libro''...Other important thing is the cover I've drawn for ''Dolly City''(oh... I love this book...& also the other books of Orly Castel-Bloom...really fantastic ...)just now printed also by Stampa Alternativa...!!!

Here some photos...

Claudio Parentela

Stampa Alternativa

mercoledì 14 maggio 2008

Children No More

hello guys.....................................Well I'll partecipate with other artists to this show:

- matite contro la violenza sui minori -
a cura di Alessandro Dezi e Fiorenza Filippi
per conto della Karibu Onlus

3 -15 June 2008

Galleria Comunale
Via Venezia, 41 - Bari
Orari: 10.00 - 12.30 / 16.00 - 21.00


Claudio Parentela

domenica 11 maggio 2008

Interview with Timothy John Karpinski Jr.

q)What is your name?

a)Timothy John Karpinski jr.

q) Where do you live and work?

a)Rainy Portland Oregon, USA

q)What is your creative process like?

a)I draw alot and I think even more, these days I’ve been really process driven taking my thoughts and sketches and creating detailed pieces involving paint, cut paper, collage and eventually sewing them all together into small stories. I spend alot of time looking at childrens books and walking in the woods or riding my bike or skateboard to get inspiration.

q)What is your favorite medium?

a)Right now a nicley sharpened pencil.

q)What is your current favorite subject?

a)Mending my broken heart, finding my new sweatheart.

q)How long does it take for you to finish a piece?

a)It all depends, I just finished the biggest drawing I’ve done in a while that took about 2 months.
Some drawings can just take a nice night of solid desktime with some coffee, beers and loud music, usually my cat sitting on my lap.

q)What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

a)Opening Together Gallery, and recently completing my 1st solo show.

q)Are there any contemporary artists that you love?

a)Right now I’m really into Jim Houser, Brendon Monroe, Julie Morestead, Margaret Killgalan, Clare Rojas, and my friends like Seth Neefus, David Wein and Mark Warren Jacques.

q)Can we buy your art anywhere?

a)Yes, on as well as and if your in Portland, check out my solo show at Stumptown, downtown Portland, Oregon

q)Anything that people should know about that we don’t??

a)I plan on sailing around the world.

q)What is your best piece of advice for those who would like to rise in their level of artistry?

a)Just work alot, keep pushing youself, surround yourself with motivated artists, keep your art on walls for people to see.

q)What inspires you to keep going when the work gets frustrating or tough?

a)Music . Love . Coffee . Joints

q)How do you describe your work to those who are unfamiliar with it?

a)I where my heart on my sleeve, I like pastell colors too, very gentile and dreamlike.

q)What kind of training did you have which helped you achieve your current level of artistry?

a)I attended Castleton State College in Vermont and recieved a BA in painting and graphic arts.

q)Is there a tool or material that you can’t imagine living without?

a)A pencil

q)Who are your influences?

a)My friends, nature, love and loss

q)What inspires you to create?


q)…your contacts…

a) , - coming soon

giovedì 1 maggio 2008

''CoSMIC Crystals&DIRTY PigS''

...Wow Wow Wow Wow!!!!!....
....My always &new&new art blog is ready with other&&&&&always new interviews...&yes... the truth is that there are not many art blogs,but 1 big art blog&many art blogs&1 big/many art blogs....
I've called it:''CoSMIC Crystals&DIRTY PigS''...what do you wait....Visit it now!!!!