giovedì 29 gennaio 2009

Interview with Thomas Ray

q) Well, first of all please tell us

a little about yourself.

a) Hi, this is Thomas Ray; a 27 years old guy from Milan,

Italy. I'm graduated in Design.

I studied at Politecnico of Milan..

Now I'm freelancing as artist, illustrator and designer:)

and I'm single.

q)How would you describe your work?

a)My work speaks about me. About my past.

About my childhood.

About people I saw. About evol. About scars.

About hope. About my truth.

It's a continuous inner persuit.

It's the expression of myself through images,


colors and symbols.

It's speaking a languageI know.

q) Did somebody encourage you
to become an artist?

a)Nobody in particulr. I used to know what i was.

And day by day I'm always more persuaded to know who I am.

I believe in God.

q) What is your favorite medium?

a)Every time the best one to go straight to the point.


q) Can you describe your
from the seed of an idea
to a complete work?

a) First I think intensely about concept

until everything

is clear in my mind and I find

a interesting solution.

Than I start drawing.

q)Generally speaking,
where do your ideas come from?

a) Ideas come from my stomach than

go straight into my brain

and there rielaborated.

My right hand is the executioner.

q) How long does it take to complete a piece?

a)It dipends from demands,

inspiration, longing, maturitys.

Few hours or some days.

q) Who are your

favorite artists.
And who are some
artists you are
currently looking/listening to?

a) There are so many artists

I love that

it could be unfair choose

someone instead of someone else:)

q)Are you
represented by a gallery?
Do you have any
upcoming exhibits?

a) I did some solo and collective shows

at the Limited no-art gallery in Milan.

I have a friendly relationship with them.

Anyhow I prefer to be rapresented by myself.

I did also some other shows in Italy.

I will do a collective show of screenprints

called L00P on February,

here in Milan(.....) with other illustrators,

designers, wannabe artists...

curated by Arianna Vairo and Martina Merlini.

q) Do you have any

'studio rituals'?
As in, do you listen
to certain
types of music while working?

What helps to get you
in the mood for working?

a)No rythuals. I used to help myself with the music.

She helps me pull out certain emotions.

Each time different. Each time specific.

I listened to everything from Wolf Eyes to Cassius!

Now I prefer silence and the thought/illusion

that things become without many external influences.

q)What is your favorite a) taste,
b) sound,
c) sight, d) smell, and e)
tactile sensation?

a) I have continuous different tastes.

Because evolution and growth are life.

q) Do you have goals
that you are trying
to reach as an artist,
what is

What would you like
to accomplish in your

a) I try to reach credibility through continuity

and high quality of works. I want to accomplish

a big part of myself that needs

to express himself through drawings.

q) When have you started
using the internet
and what role does this form
of communication play for you,
for your art, and for your

a) Internet is amazing and usefull to find

and contact people all around the world fastly.

This is great also for my job.

There are much more opportunities

(but more competition too).

Internet offers so many

visual input: from extreme trash porno

to virtual museums.

But it never replaces real experiences,

and it could become a cage, an artificial heaven,

a killer place where you can find your tomb.

You must have knowledge about medium.

q) What do you obsess over?

a) I'm not obsessed about anything but

very interested about the concept

of vaginas as doors

of entrance/exit for ourselves' knowledge.

q) Do you have prefered working hours?
Do you pay attention to the time
of the day or maybe specific lighting?

a) I use to works in bright rooms.

It's impossible to me working in the dark.

My drawings are full of thin lines and particulars so

I need lights to do the very best because

I don't believe in random works.

q)Do you do commissioned works?

a)Of course. If they don't crash against

my moral principles and my believes.

q)Any tips for emerging artists?

a)Always be honest with theirself,

and follow their own and unique

way without envy for the others.

Do their best in relationship with

their own possibilities.

q)…Your contacts


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